The new gaming & esports network

The new gaming & esports network

We help UK brands find & engage with Gaming & Esports audiences through our network of

For Players

Are you a player that’s looking for sponsorship? Get in touch with our team to talk about what opportunities are ready for you.

For Streamers

Make the most of your streams! We can place brand sponsorship and influencer content for you.

For Brands

Choose from a wide range of opportunities across Gaming & Esports audiences and we’ll help make it happen.

For Developers

Get brands involved with your game and earn more revenue, we can help find the right placements for you.

For Events

We can help in lots of ways! Promotions, Website, Content, Sponsors, Technical help – whatever you need!

How we do it? is built by gamers, for gamers.

Our mission – to help grow and develop the entire ecosystem, in the right way – with the player always at it’s heart.

For the industry to grow, we need to help find ways to support the growth and we do that by helping brands understand the market and how they can get involved.


We help brands find the right opportunity, with the right audience, then making their activations come alive.

We help players, streamers, teams and leagues find sponsorships and extra revenue opportunities to keep doing what they love.


Esports organisers work with us to promote and monetise, ensuring bigger, more frequent events that excite and motivate new generations towards this industry we love. are helping to form the most exciting sports entertainment industry in our lifetime, time for you to get involved.

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